The first step towards leveraging your historical archives is digitizing them. Depending on the kinds of artifacts your organization holds, your staffs’ experience and available time, and your budget, there are several possible ways to digitize your archives.


We help organizations digitize their archive materials by scanning them first. Based on the location and type of the archives, scanning can be performed on-site or off-site. We investigate the best options for the clients based on the nature of the materials being scanned and offer the best solutions to the client.

Metadata and Annotation

It is often said that digitizing a collection is only half the battle. Digital artifacts are worthless — both for historical and commercial purposes — without clear metadata describing what each artifact depicts, when it was created, who created it, etc. Strategies for adding metadata to your digital collections mirror the digitization strategies listed above, and have many of the same pros and cons. We help our clients annotate their materials using state-of-the-art technologies whenever possible including OCR and facial recognition.


We help our clients monetize the archive that has been digitized and annotated based on the nature of the materials. For instances, images can be sold to academic publishing books and local television news programs. We also help the organizations in retaining the rights of their materialils and maximize the returns they obtain from their archives.